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A Star Wars podcast

from a band of rebels without a clue


They may not look like much but they’ve got it where it counts. Four luminous beings, brought together by time, space, fate, a love of Star Wars, and the fact that they all work together, embark on their most epic, dangerous, and only mission to date – To fill your aural holes with the strange and wonderful thoughts we have about Star Wars and related issues, using only the sounds we make with our mouths and occasional FX.

Hosted by Gavin, Liam, Matt and Mike – We take you deep into a galaxy far, far away to answer such elusive and important questions as:
Which of us believes Rey to be a Kenobi?
Which host’s 5 year old daughter saw Star Wars before which other host?
Which of us does an amazing impression of THAT youngling?
Which host has a theory involving Obi-Wan running around on the Death Star whilst being both invisible AND naked?

All these questions and probably several more are answered, and then others are posed and some sort of agreeable but volatile compromise is reached in just the first episode!

So hop on board and enjoy the thrill ride of a lifetime, and the only one we think can be completed in under twelve parsecs.

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“Oh really, you’re cold?”

Mike is the instigator and producer of the podcast.

Having no previous experience in sound engineering has not stopped him, he manages to edit and perfect all the content thrown at him right down to the last minute.

His favourite SW moment is Luke’s first confrontation with Vader in the carbonite chamber.

He’s skilled with a lightsaber, having given the others more than just a few pointers.

He’s just doing this to avoid spending time with his wife.




“I know.”

Gavin has been into Star wars for a long long time… a long time.

His fondest Star Wars memories are of having “figure wars” with his younger brother when they were kids and the parping noise his VHS boxset of the original trilogy made when it was being closed.

His favourite character is Han Solo (too soon) because he’s he shoots from the hip, keeps it real and has all the best lines.

His passions are 80’s movies, (Raiders, Goonies, The Thing, etc) archery (follow his archery blog at and spending time with his girlfriend, enjoying a range of tasty vegan foods.




“It’s true… All of it.”

Liam, our inappropriate/dreadlocked friend from t’north!

He’s happiest when he is, in his own words, “balls deep” into a discussion speculating about potential and outlandish Star Wars plot points, character histories or upcoming twists based on his knowledge of the movies, TV, books and Legends material.

Other than that Liam can be found in the garden, listening to 80’s music while building props or passing the evening merrily polishing his helmet.

Liam is the member of the team who records the most material but the least we can actually use, due to it’s inappropriate nature.



Host/Padawan/Social Media

“So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?”

Matt is the Jocasta Nu of the team, if it’s not in his new canon records; it does not exist.

He’s relatively new to Star Wars compared to the others, having only seen the original trilogy a couple of years ago. But he’s made up for lost time since then, diving headlong into Star wars fandom with his own blog, and becoming prominent on the fandom scene.

Being thoroughly committed to his fandom meant that Matt was happy to stay up all night at SWCE’16 in order to gain entry to the Rogue One panel (even though the other three smooth-talked their way into it at the last minute anyway).


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