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New episodes and YouTube channel

New episodes and YouTube channel

Wow, we’ve been truly remiss on this blog. What can I say, life is busy.

So let’s get all caught up. (TLDR: 4 episodes available of the podcast and we now have a YouTube channel!)

Anyway we’re now up to 4 episodes of The Garbage Will Do podcast available for you to download or stream and let your ears soak in British Star Wars analysis, conjecture and general buffoonery. Episode 5 has been delayed due to Star Wars Celebration weekend over in Orlando, which gave us a whole host of news and other stuff to talk about, speculate on and get into a dribbley lather over.

That might even be up by the time you read this, so go and check it out!

In other news – We now have a channel on the YouTubes!

We recorded a reaction and analysis video on The Last Jedi trailer, so if you’ve ever wanted to see us slack-jawed excited and agape, (and let’s face it, who WOULDN’T?) then watch below or head on over via this hyper-linkery and watch until your eyeballs dry out: (Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe – I know it’s a cliché, but it does help us out and we appreciate your support!)

Our first podcast episode is available

Our first podcast episode is available

Well the first episode of our podcast is up!

What’s that you say? You haven’t listened to it yet? No problem I’ve got you covered.

The iTunes link is: The Garbage Will Do

Not an iTunes user? No worries, we have the raw feed for you right here: Raw feed

So, how do we think it went?

Well, none of us are sound engineers, so the learning curve was initially steep. Editing the podcast was also a relatively new experience and could’ve been done more efficiently, but I’m pretty happy with what we achieved on the first try.

There was also an issue validating with iTunes, (now resolved and understood,) and a few sound issues – pops and crackles from the mics, people sitting too far away etc – We’ve learned from those issues and improved our next episodes.

For episode two Andy, a sound engineer friend of ours, set up the mics. We bought scissor arms, shock mounts and pop filters to improve the recording quality. We also recorded into Logic rather than Garageband, giving us better options for things like compressors and noise gates, as well as editing and post production. Andy shared some of his tricks, tips and best practices with myself and Liam so we can deliver the best quality Star Wars podcast possible!

Despite initial challenges, the feedback is positive, the podcast has been downloaded over fifty times and we have three 5-Star reviews on iTunes – that’s all in less than a week since launch!

So thanks to everyone who has downloaded or streamed our “best pilot (episode) in the galaxy” and stick with us – there’s plenty more where that came from and it only gets better from here!

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